Welcome to Yobitech!

To help you better understand how to use our Server Parts Locator , here are some examples and tutorials.

Let's say you wish find hard drives for your Dell PowerVault MD3000 server.

On the upper right hand corner of our website, you'll see:

Where you see "enter server model#," simply type in “MD3000" as such:

And then click on the server of your choice.

Or let's say you are trying to find a hard drive that is compatible with your Dell PowerEdge R710 server.

Type in “R710" instead, as such:

Again click on the server of your choice.

How about if you wish to find something for your HP Proliant G8 server ?

Type in “G8" as such:

I hope this tutorial helped you find what you needed!

If anything can be improved about our tutorial, please feel free to email us at support@yobitech.com. Thank you for visiting Yobitech!