Am I Ordering the Correct Hard Drive or Tray?

Did you know that 5% of our customers order the wrong drive because of an incorrect connection type?


You can save yourself critical time and expenses (15% in restocking fees) by checking your connection type before making a hard disk purchase.

If in doubt, please call the manufacturer of your server to verify.



What is the difference between 68-pin and 80-pin SCSI drives and how do I know which one to purchase?



Current SCSI hard disk drives typically come in either 68-pin or 80-pin varieties.


NSCA (non-SCA) drives use a 68-pin connector for data and a separate 4-pin Molex style power connector.

68 pins on the SCA connector are used for data and the other 12 pins are used to provide power to the hard drive.


SCA (Single Connector Attachment) hard drives use a single 80-pin connector.



TOP - SCSI hard drive showing 80-pin SCA connector


BOTTOM- SCSI hard drive with 68-pin connector and separate power and configuration jumpers


Difference between 68 and 80 pin



NOTE:  There is also the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SFF-8482 connection type:


SAS Connector