Due to recent circumstances regarding Covid-19, our Yobitech Staff will be working remotely and can be contacted via email or Live Chat

We will continue to process and ship orders in a timely fashion.

For shipments to medical, government, and other essential agencies, please feel free to contact us to help expedite your mission-critical orders.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Stay safe and wash your hands often!

- Yobitech Team

For years, we've serviced Data Centers worldwide and to show our appreciation, we'd like to offer a warranty promotion for a limited time only. Once your company and it's locations are verified, any order shipped to those locations will qualify for a warranty promotion. This applies to the Data Center and all it's customers. However, the Data Center must be the company to sign up with us, and the orders must be shipped to the Data Center location.

Step 1: Contact us

Send us an email with your Company Name and Address to verify eligibility.

Step 2: Wait...

Enjoy a cup of tea while you wait! We will get right on verifying your eligibility, and once you are verified, you will be added to our database!

Step 3: Enjoy!

You will be contacted via email with your eligibility.