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PE 1600 1600SC 1800 1850 SCSI HD PE 1900 1950 1950iii SAS 3.5 HD
PE 1900 1950 1955 SAS 2.5 HD PE 2600 2650 2850 SCSI HD
PE 2900 2950 2950iii 2970 SAS 3.5 HD PE 2900 2950 2970 SAS 2.5 HD
PE 6600 6650 6800 6850 SCSI HD PE 6850 6950 840 860 SAS 3.5 HD
PE M600 M610 M610x M620 SAS 2.5 HD PE M710 M710hd M910 M915 SAS 2.5 HD
PE R200 R300 R900 R905 SAS 3.5 HD PE R310 R320 R415 R420 SAS 2.5 HD
PE R310 R320 SAS 3.5 SAS HD PE R410 R415 R420 SAS 3.5 SAS HD
PE R510 R515 R520 3.5 SAS HD PE R510 R520 R610 R620 SAS 2.5 HD
PE R710 R715 R720 SAS 2.5 HD PE R710 R720 R720xd 3.5 SAS HD
PE R805 R900 R905 SAS 2.5 HD PE R810 R815 R820 R910 SAS 2.5 HD
PE T100 T105 T300 SAS 3.5 HD PE T310 T320 T410 T420 3.5 SAS HD
PE T310 T320 T410 T420 SAS 2.5 HD PE T610 T620 T710 3.5 SAS HD
PE T610 T620 T710 SAS 2.5 HD PV 220S 221S 220F 650F SCSI HD
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***Dell labeled hard drives w/ Dell Firmware. All drives listed on the following pages are certified Dell HDs that are guaranteed to work in your specific PE Server and will be recognized by the PE's PERC controllers***

Please choose the model number of your PE server and find the correct hard drive for your server

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***Note: Please use care in choosing the correct size hard drive to avoid returns and delays***